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Like the Programm for (multiple + factor)^2 - (factor)^2  (expressions from (approx_root - n )^2 + multiple * (approx_root - n) + rest = Z ) the Formular should be generalized to get integer result for every giveen number. As you can chose your appropriate n, it is trivial that there is at least one (mostly two). But even with a rational resul
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As far, I've found the following three (in a way, two) formulars to determine n for a factor (x-n) , as far considered for numbers with the structure "nteger base of the approximated root" ^2 + integer base of the approximated root + rest (= number to be factorized)   I write this as prox ^2 + prox + rest = Z   An analytic formular to get (in
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